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1. Updates and corrections

The html version of Asthma in Australia 2008 differs from the printed version in several respects:

1) Updated information will be included on an ongoing basis, where available.
2) Data tables have been provided for all Figures.
3) Selected data tables contain row and column totals not presented in the printed version of the report.
4) Minor corrections have been made where errors appeared in the printed report.


The following corrections have been made from the printed version of the report. Typographical errors appear corrected in bold text.

Appendix 2

Table A2.10: Hospital separations for asthma, by age group and sex, Australia, 1993–2007

(appears on pages 200–203 of the printed report)

Hospital separations per 100,000 and 95% CI columns for males and females ages 5 to 14 years, 15 to 34 years, 35 to 64 years, 65 years and over were incorrect.


(appears on page 50 of the printed report)

  • The age distribution of asthma deaths is quite different to that observed for all–cause deaths. Of all asthma deaths between 2002–2006, 32% occurred among people aged 5–64 years. In contrast, the proportion of all–cause deaths in this age group was only 20%.

Figure 5.35: Per cent change in allocated health expenditure, total recurrent and asthma, by sector, 2000–01 to 2004–05 (2004–05 prices)

(appears on page 107 of the printed report)

Reversed legend colours


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