Asthma in Australia 2008  

Figure A1.1

Point estimates and 95% confidence intervals

Notes: Only people with current asthma were asked about the possession of asthma action plans. Definitions used to identify asthma action plans are Australia and South Australia: current asthma = ‘yes’ to the question ‘Have you ever been diagnosed by a doctor with asthma?’ and ‘yes’ to ‘Do you still have asthma?’ then asked ‘Do you have an asthma action plan (written instructions of what to do if your asthma is out of control)?’; New South Wales: current asthma = doctor diagnosis of asthma plus treatment or symptoms of asthma in the last 12 months, ‘Do you have a written asthma action plan?’; eastern Australia: current asthma = self-reported diagnosis of asthma, ‘Do you have a written asthma action plan?’.

Sources: Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring (ACAM) analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) National Health Survey confidentialised unit record files, Queensland Chronic Disease Survey, New South Wales Population Health Survey, South Australian Omnibus, Comino et al. 1996; Gibson et al. 2000; Public Health Division 2001; Wilson et al. 2002; Wilson et al. 2003.

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