Asthma in Australia 2008 

Figure 4.9
Deaths due to asthma per 100,000 people with asthma, by country of birth, people aged 5 years and over, 2002–2006

Notes: Mortality data aggregated from 2002–2006. English-speaking background includes anyone born in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America or South Africa. Non-English-speaking background includes all those born in other countries. For this case-fatality analysis, Zimbabwe was included in the non-English-speaking background category because the asthma population estimate from the National Health Survey included Zimbabwe as a country of non-English-speaking background. See Appendix 1, Section A1.12.2 for further information on country of birth classifications.

Sources: AIHW National Mortality Database; Australian Bureau of Statistics 2004–05 National Health Survey.


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