Asthma in Australia 2005 
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Updates and corrections

The html version of Asthma in Australia 2005 differs from the printed version in several respects:

1) Updated information will be included on an ongoing basis, where available.
2) Data tables have been provided for all Figures.
3) Selected data tables contain row and column totals not presented in the printed version of the report.
4) Minor corrections have been made where errors appeared in the printed report.


A new year of data has been added to Figure 5.20
Figure 5.20: Hospital separations for asthma per 100,000 population, by age group, Australia, 1993–2005

A new year of data has been added to Figure 4.1
Figure 4.1: Deaths due to asthma per 100,000 population, three year moving average, by sex, all ages and people aged 5 to 34 years, Australia, 1980–2003


The following corrections have been made from the printed version of the report. Typographical errors appear corrected in bold text.

Hospitalisations (key points)

(appear on page 66 of the printed report)

  • There was a 43% reduction in the rate of hospital admissions for asthma among children and a 17% reduction among adults between 1993–94 and 2003–04.
  • The average length of stay for people hospitalised for asthma fell from 2.9 days to 2.2 days between 1993–94 and 2003–04.
  • The total hospital bed-days occupied by people with asthma decreased by 49% between 1993–94 and 2003–04.

Figure 8.3 Action taken in last 2 weeks for asthma, by sex, all ages, Australia, 2001

(appears on page 151 of the printed report)

95% Confidence intervals for males have been corrected.

Table 8.7 Proportion of adults with current asthma whose sleep was disturbed by asthma, Australia, 1998–2000

(appears on page 155 of the printed report)

Reference (4) has been deleted from the sources.

Chapter 9: Expenditure (introduction)

(appears on page 158 of the printed report)

Last line of introduction:
Summarised data are provided in Appendix 2, Tables A2.13 and A2.14.


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