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Further Information

Collaborating Organisations

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


Organisations We Work With

Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging

Australian Bureau of Statistics

GP Statistics and Classification Unit

National Centre for Classification in Health


About Asthma

National Asthma Council Australia

Asthma Australia

Asthma Victoria

Asthma NSW

Asthma Association of the Northern Territory

Asthma Foundation of Western Australia

Asthma Queensland

Asthma South Australia

Asthma Tasmania


Asthma Surveillance Sites


NSW Health Survey Program

Population Research and Outcome Studies

Victorian Population Health Surveys


Centres for Disease Control

American Lung Association

Chicago Asthma Surveillance Initiative

Asthma Sentinel Event Notification Systems for Occupational Risks

National Asthma Campaign


Asthma Management

National Asthma Council Australia

Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand

American Thoracic Society

British Thoracic Society